Booking A Shoot

I’ve been doing photography for over 15 years and a publisher of magazines for over 7 years. I’ve photographed models, wedding events, NFL football players, and musicians. If you need portraits, headshots, or your event covered, pleased get in touch for rates.

Contact dannystygion (@) sinicalmagazine (.) com.


“Danny was a pleasure to work with. We created beautiful images together in a laid-back creative flow. With his magazine work, he has an eye for the alternative arts. I would definitely recommend working with him.”

~ Ludella Hahn

(Photo from 2002)

“Danny and I have been working together for over 15 years. He is dedicated to his craft and is a man of his word. A true professional to the core. He shows great range in his scope of work. Danny can make any kind of shoot you want to happen.”

~ Angela Ryan

“Danny is always a pleasure to work with. He makes me feel comfortable, and that’s hard to find in a photographer. He truly is THE alternative photographer in Houston, Texas. Danny will always be the one I go to first for great quality pictures.”

~ Veronica Gomez

“Sometimes it’s hard to find a photographer that can accurately convey what you want to express. Fetish photography is a small niche that the average photographer may not completely understand. Danny gets it. I never have to try very hard to communicate to him what I want to express. He’s hard working, true to his word, and turns out edits quickly. Highly recommend.”

~ Necrofoxx

“Danny is one of my favorite people to work with and I recommend others working with Danny as well. He has an eye for things others don’t. He is always respectful and makes you feel comfortable. Shoot with him!”

~ Kimber Fox

“Danny was so creative and fluid in his style with me, I feel. Normally his work is more on the edgy glamour/fetish side of the spectrum, but I’m softer and a little more subdued. I absolutely love the shots! I mean, I love everything he does. But I hardly ever feel like people capture the actual essence of the subject and I feel like he does! Fantastic atmosphere as well. Relaxed.”

~ Nadia Choates

“Working with Danny is always a positive experience. He is a true artist with a strong creative vision and his willingness to experiment with lighting techniques is refreshing. Danny is professional and courteous and in the realm of fetish those are valuable traits.”

~ Crystal Green, Owner of Feather Red Lingerie

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